Music Audition

Thank you for wanting to share your gifts with us!

We consider three things equally important in the journey of leading worship: Artistic skills, Personal skills, and Spiritual skills.

ART: When artists recognize that God has given them specific, unique talents, we encourage those artists to make choices that will increase their abilities and understanding of the skills they are called to steward.

PEOPLE: We certainly want skilled musicians enhancing our worship atmospheres, but we also place a high value on interacting with the people in the world around us. One of the best things that can happen is for someone in the congregation to recognize a person leading worship, and say something like, “Hey! I’ve seen that guy playing ball with extreme passion over at the rec department, but he always keeps his cool.”

GOD: Every atmosphere of worship we create is first and foremost a spiritual endeavor. The musicians creating those environments should be growing in their knowledge and experience of the Spirit-filled life. They can be a positive influence in the spiritual journey of those around them, both in our worship settings and outside the walls of our ‘official’ worship space.


Instructions for Auditioning:

Using a smart phone or computer camera, record your expression of (singing/playing/etc) a worship song. Please do not do any editing—we wanna see and hear the true you. It’s totally fine to use a backing track, but make sure we can hear your expression louder than the track.

Post your unedited video to YouTube or Vimeo—unless you want the whole world to see it, mark it as Private.

Include your video link when you fill out the following form below.

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Thank you,
Chris Blanton
Music Ministry
First Baptist Winder