Parent Connection

Hey Parents, Thanks for visiting our website to learn more about our Student Ministry.  To skip straight to the Parent Connection form, click HERE.

Here are a couple really important basics we want you to know about what we do here at FBC Winder.

Our Vision is to create an authentic Student Ministry that is passionate about following Christ.

We value:

  • Building Relationship – We want students to build their relationship with God and with one another.  We believe that discipleship cannot take place without relationship.  While teaching God’s Word is our priority in the discipleship process, we also believe in “life-on-life” discipleship where students learn how to apply their faith to life by living it with each other and their youth leaders.
  • Teaching Bible – We believe that God’s Word is absolute truth.  While we try to make every lesson applicable to life, we really value students knowing and understanding God’s Word.  We want them to be able to say what they believe and make decisions based on their convictions.
  • Sharing Gospel – Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life!  We want meet the greatest need anyone has with a new, eternal life in Jesus Christ.  We want to tell about the saving power of Jesus in our hometown, our nation, and in other parts of the world.
  • Engaging Atmosphere – We value an atmosphere that engages students.  We want every event or service to be meaningful and effective.  We want every student to feel welcome and engaged in what we are doing.
  • Serving Others – We want our students to serve.  We believe that our ministry should be a river, not a pond!  We encourage students to serve their community and give to others like God has given to them.

During the year we have weekly events that seek to build authentic students who are passionate about following Christ.  Every Sunday we have Sunday School at 11AM after the 9:45 service.  We also have Youth Worship on Sunday nights at 5:30 during the schoolyear.

Of course, we have some pretty awesome events along the way to help disciple our students and reach new ones.  These events are all very different and have a narrowed focus.  You can see these events and register for them on our Youth Events page.

Finally, we couldn’t do great ministry without your help.  By clicking HERE, you can fill out our Parent Connection form and give us your current info so that we can stay in contact with you.  You can also let us know how you would like to serve our Student Ministry. Thank you in advance!