Teacher Training

Anyone who serves intends that their time, gifts, and hard work be fruitful, God-honoring, and transformative.  It is our calling as church leaders to not only enlist people into service, but also to encourage and equip believers for ministry.  This online resource is one tool we believe will help your intentions become reality and help us fulfill our calling.  Our prayer is for you to grow in knowledge and wisdom as you study and serve and that our ministry to children and families will have eternal impact as we serve together.

Opportunities to Serve on Sunday Mornings

Sunday School
Lead Teacher
Teaching Assistant
Helping Hands
Children’s Worship
Wee Worship
First Impressions
Guest Reception

Sunday Nights
Music Teacher
Music Assistant
Missions Teacher
Missions Assistant

Articles to Inform and Sharpen Leaders

Tips for Teaching Preschoolersfrom Greg Baird
Tips for Teaching Elementary Childrenfrom Greg Baird
Tips for Teaching Preteensfrom Greg Baird
15 Ways to Introduce Preschoolers to the Bible from Linda Weddle
7 Habits of a Good Teacher from Jerry Vogel
5 Qualities of Top-Notch Teachers from Andrew Linder
10 Ways to Show Love to Kids from Greg Baird
Connecting with Kids from Greg Baird
Heartfelt Relationships from Greg Baird
Engaging Teaching from Greg Baird
Authentic Worship from Greg Baird
Real Service from Greg Baird
Telling the Good News from Greg Baird

Simple Games and Activities

Cup Games
Balloon Games
Hula Hoop Games